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Big Life 1:1


  • 1:1 Personal Coaching Nina

  • 1 hour weekly coaching video call

  • 5 x 15 minute daily mentoring calls

This is a bespoke service where you will feel supported by myself every day. This is a unique service and one where many commercial weight loss life coaching programmes fail. You will not be alone all week to tackle life and what it throws at you .You will not have to make decisions alone around food and eating in social settings. I will be there daily to guide you to make the right choices. If life has thrown you a curve ball or a storm has come your way, then I will help you navigate to a sunnier climate and not down the well trodden path of emotional eating and black clouds. I will be there for you daily. 


The hourly weekly Coaching Video calls help both of us to get to really know you. How you think and feel and your journey through life so far. The coping strategies you have used. We will learn how to connect to what is current in your life and how you act and react to relationships and situations and how your past might be driving you today.


These weekly meets enable you to become AWARE, ACCEPT and then make ACTION. To do things differently. To stop eating emotionally, addictively and self destructively.


This 'hand holding' 'cheerleading' approach helps you make self loving choices and get you not only in a right size body but on the path to a Big Life.


I aim to make pricing my coaching packages as accessible as possible. To find out more about this package or other ways to work with me, get in touch!

Big Life Discovery Pathway - COMING SOON


8 Week Private Group Coaching Calls through private Zoom


  • Whilst on the 'Discovery Pathway' you will  be made aware of  the world of psychology, addiction, neuroscience and neuroplasticity. 

  • Weekly assignments to reflect and share on the call

  • Group sharing as we concentrate on the 'Why' 

  • Prepare for a new way of eating

  • Receive the Big Life eating food plan

  • Daily tools to help recovery

  • Closed private online community

  • Access to phone list (with consent)

  • Mastermind peer mentoring groups

To find out more, follow for updates on Instagram or get in touch!

Big Lifers - COMING SOON

  • ​Special Private Online Community Support Group

  • By invitation only (after completing 1:1 coaching Big Life or the Big Life Discovery Pathway)

  • Private online support group

  • Discounts on future courses

  • Access phone list library

  • Mastermind mentoring groups

This enables accountability, support and a sense of belonging

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