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Big Life Eating

Life coaching for weight loss


  • Are you having trouble controlling your eating?

  • Do you have an obsession with food and how much you weigh?

  • Do you try to manage your eating but only last a certain time and then all bets are off?

  • Are you an emotional eater – Do people places and things trigger you to automatically turn to food?

  • Are you confused that despite your best intentions, you cant maintain the motivation or the follow through?

  • Do you eat secretively and differently to when you are in company?

  • Do you binge or restrict your food or both?

  • Do you use excessive exercise to control your weight?

  • Do you binge and then purge? 

  • Do you chew and then spit your food rather than swallow?

  • Are you obsessed with calories or the latest fad diet?

  • Do you tell the whole world that your latest mission to lose weight will be successful only to fail miserably and then stop mentioning it and hope they have all forgotten?

  • Have you eaten or stolen food and lied about it – Even blamed others?

  • Are you getting scared around the way you eat – Is your health starting to be affected?

  • Are you waiting for your life to start once you get to that never emerging goal weight – Or get there but life is still unmanageable?

  • Is your life getting smaller and smaller?

You are not alone... a Big Life is around the corner


Big Life Eating is a weight loss, life coaching programme that follows a scientifically proven weighed and measured food plan and it teaches positive behaviour reinforcement.


Why does it work?

It teaches you how the brain is being hijacked by modern day addictive foods such as flour and sugar and how certain eating patterns, lifestyles and unhelpful hidden core beliefs can make maintaining long term weight loss impossible.


Nina's story

Big Life Eating weight loss programme is the culmination of my experience and wisdom from my own journey out of food addiction.


I chose to make a Big Life for myself after I nearly died in a car crash. The experience shocked me awake and made me realise how precious my life was.

Our services


Big Life 1:1

Big Life Discovery Pathway

Big Lifers

1:1 Personal Coaching

8 Week Group Coaching

Online Support Group



“I would highly recommend Nina as a supportive, nurturing coach. She used her own experience to help me self realise productive change in a safe environment.”


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